The World Cup i Qatar is built by slave labour

FIFA_249319_10151708637611239_1041739210_n2022 the greatest show on earth is coming to Qatar. FIFA world cup. We are talking about football or soccer, as the barbarians call it.

The world cup is supposed to be a global party, but the workers who are building the new arenas are not invited to any party. They are working under conditions that only can be described as slavery.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said new figures made public during her visit recorded 162 deaths of Nepalese workers in Qatar in the first ten months of 2011. Most of the workers’ deaths are unexplained, and are simply recorded as deaths “during sleep” or from “heart attacks”.

Nepalese embassy statistics from January – October 2011 show

• 13 migrant workers committed suicide
• 22 work-related deaths were documented
• 92 deaths were unexplained

“One construction worker I spoke to was working outside in 40 degree heat. When he asked to resign, he was not allowed. Instead he was forced to work 18 months in life-threatening conditions, to make enough money for his ticket home, ” said Sharan Burrow.
“Many workers die from heat exhaustion, in 2010 this was covered up as heart attacks, now we’re told the workers are dying in their sleep.” ITUC

Right now the debate about the world cup i Qatar is focused on the players and the heat. It’s about time to focus on the people who are dying as we speak.

FIFA must act now.

Bloggat: Johan Westerholm, Peter Högberg. Läs även TCO-tidningen och The Independent och Byggnads

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  2. norah4you Says:

    Det är märkligt med det är tyst eller nästan tyst om Qatar i media sedan beslutet togs…..

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    fifa 2014

    The World Cup i Qatar is built by slave labour | Röda Berget


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