Vittnesmål från Palestina – färgflaskor och knäskott

Name: ***
Rank: first sergeant
Unit: Nachal elite unite
Description: Beita Tahta and Beita Foqa, these are the most dangerous villages in the area. They are not situated along a main road. Every time you went in there you’d get Molotov cocktails thrown at you, and paint cans which is something new, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. I wasn’t. So Molotovs, paint cans, and stones every time you’d enter the village. Common sense says that they’re situated five kilometers from the road, there’s no reason to go in there. No. It was decided to enter the two villages. One vehicle enters, gets fired at, another vehicle goes in, seeking to take down knees.

What do you ‘fired at’? You just talked about Molotovs and paint cans, not shooting.
We’d shoot. He was supposed to sustain the Molotovs and paint cans, and the second one – it’s a real operational thing, you’re recon, you’re supposed to be highly operational – the second jeep would stop some ways away, and with a sniper rifle, from about 100 meters which is a joke, look for knees to shoot at. First time it happened, they went through various knees, and shot one. But he didn’t know for sure if that knee belonged to the person who threw the Molotov, or the stones, or was that someone else. The open-fire instructions say aim for the knees of Molotov as well as stone throwers for they both endanger you. The second time this happened, they entered again, there were Molotovs thrown again, a door was in flames, it was really crazy. He’d already taken down four knees. The first knee was of a 14-year old boy, something like that.

Who was then given medical attention?
I think so. Yes, an ambulance came. It took time, but a Palestinian ambulance did arrive and took him away. The second time, there were four knees of young boys.
I can’t tell you whether these were 18-19 year-olds, or 13-14 year-olds. The problematic age groups when you identify them through the sniper’s sights. And I wasn’t present, anyway. I was at Tapuach Junction when that happened, so I can’t say for sure. But that’s what went on. Reserves.

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